bad oilHere at Merritt Oil we have one goal in mind.  We want to expose the fact there is absolutely no merit in using so much oil.  It is our responsibility to remove our dependency upon oil.  Many lives have been lost, many resources wasted, and many wars started over the trading and purchasing of oil.  There are only certain places on the planet that still have large oil reserves and it is no coincidence that many battles and on-going struggles have popped up in these areas.  People are fighting over control of the land in order to gain wordly power.

But what if we didn’t need so much oil?  What if we moved on to electrical cars and solar panels?  What if we improve our batteries enough that we can abandon oil altogether?  Look at this.  There are so many options!  Then we will no longer need to fight over the limited resource of oil because we will now have renewable energies that are plentiful for all of us.  No need to be anxious, one of the leading causes of mental illness and substance abuse addiction, just because resources are dwindling.  There are infinitely renewable resources out there if we choose to embrace them!

We all need to do our best to use as little oil as we can.  If that means buying a hybrid vehicle, then so be it.  If that means car pooling as much as we can, then so be it.  If that means growing our own food and herbs, then so be it!  We must all do what we can to help.  I personally have a garden in which I can and save as much food as possible in mason jars so that I don’t have to purchase food at all.  Then these large trucks on the roads will get that much less business and will burn up that much less oil.  Do you know how many calories and nutrients a shiitake mushrooms have in them?  You can live off of those forever.  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or an xray tech to understand how much this would help the planet.

This is what we all need to do.  Let’s get rid of these silly battles over black sludge and get on with loving, caring, and growing a planet that is healthy and amazing to live on.  Not one full of poisonous air and dead land and chopped down forests.  Rather than cutting down new trees to make more furniture, we don’t we do some restoration on some antique furniture? We can do this, together, if each one of us does one small thing.  That can simply be recylcing your garbage.  It doesn’t matter, but I urge each one of you to make one small move towards helping out!  I hate the effect of oil.  If you live in Los Angeles, and want some recliner couch, you may order it and it could get shipped all the way from Myrtle Beach on the east coast.  Why not just find a used furniture store Los Angeles and take one less shipping truck off of the road?  Think about how much oil that right there would take out of demand.  So many easy ways to contribute are all around us if we’d just think about it.